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 About Cammocks and the Coal Industry...

In 1985 Susan's former employer, a large chemical and oil company, asked her to conduct a salary survey of coal company staff and executive positions. Except for very few of the larger of coal companies, most were at one time owned by oil companies.


Coal Administrative Survey


In the ensuing 20 years, the Coal Administrative Survey of 48 coal corporate staff positions has since become a premier survey for the industry.


Regional Survey


In the next few years, a relationship was formed with the Eastern coal companies and Cammocks assumed the responsibility for the long-standing Cannelton Coal Survey which focused on mine positions from the superintendent on down in local mining operations.


Thereafter, a similar relationship was formed with the Midwestern companies which conducted their own "regional-type" survey.


Eventually, Cammocks worked directly with the Powder River Basin (PRB) to replicate their regional survey.


Lastly, Cammocks encouraged the Western coal companies to join the rest of the regional surveys and, ultimately, a fully integrated, fully customized survey of 70 positions was developed, where every region has access to other regional data.


Hourly Survey


On occasion, an Hourly Survey is conducted of both union and union-free wage rates and benefits for surface and underground mines as well as preparation plant operations. 


Coal Industry Benefits Bank


In addition to the coal compensation surveys, Cammocks also designed and conducts annually the Coal Industry Benefits Bank. This survey now is a comprehensive survey of active and retired employee benefits for the country's largest coal companies.  It covers approximately 70,000 active and retired employees and allows for direct comparisons of benefits through a valuation of benefits and an interactive user graphics program.


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All compensation survey results are ordered by clients and retrievable

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